Can counseling help in Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a health condition in which a person is unable to maintain sufficient erection in his penis during the sexual intercourse. It happens due to less blood flow to the penis. But ED might also be a psychological problem in many cases and this will affect the psychology of a man and his partner.

When a person starts thinking too much about his erection than he may face the problem. It is kind of self fulfilling prophecy. And if you are suffering from this disease and your partner doesn’t know then, she might think you lost interest in her.

If you don’t have any physical weakness or disease, your penis is getting complete blood and your arteries are also in good condition so the only way to cure your erectile dysfunction is counseling.

Go to your physician and ask him your problems these counseling are the only way to cure erectile dysfunction.

In many cases, people who are having first time may face ED due to psychological pressure to perform. In this case popular herbal supplements (know as male enhancement) might also help.  Beware of prescription drugs though.

You may check user reviews before taking any male enhancement pills.


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