What is your New year resolution

New Years Day.  A day of new beginnings, of hope for a fresh start, and for many, of commitments to begin and maintain new habits in our lives.  What resolutions did you make this year?  Every year we vow to eat better, to exercise more, to reorganize our priorities, to spend more time with those who matter most to us, and so on, and so on, and so on. But sadly, our resolutions are mostly forgotten by about January 15th, and we go back to the habits that we vowed to change. How can you and I “make them (the resolutions) stick” this year?

1. Consecrate your commitment. I’m not talking about empty promises or bargaining chips with God. ButI am saying that those things which we do in faith and through spiritual power have a better chance of being lasting changes. Commit your “resolutions” to God in prayer, and ask for the wisdom and power to make good choices to reach your goal.

2. Tell somebody. I believe the single greatest predictor of success is that you have someone walking with you. Tell a friend what you are trying to accomplish and ask them to hold you accountable. Give them permission to “call you out” if they see you walkiing away from your goal. You will find that this support, challenge, and encouragement will help you to continue striving towards the goal even when you don’t feel like it. If you look around and find that there is no one to share your goal with, you might consider meeting short-term with a counselor or life coach to help you reach your goals, and even more importantly, to help you develop the kind of relationships described here.

3. Set goals that matter. Sometimes we don’t give our resolutions more than a month’s worth of work because they were goals that weren’t right for us anyway. Be sure you are setting goals that are not based on who other people think you should be, but instead set goals that are driven from God’s conviction in your own heart….the things that you are convinced need to change to be the person that you want to be (as a Christian, husband, father, wife, mother, grandparent, employee, boss, student, etc.). These goals are much more likely to be accomplished.

4. Set goals that are measurable and reachable. Rather than saying “I’m going to lose ten pounds,” commit to exercise 3-4 times per week and to eat healthier meals and snacks. This is something you can actually do on a day to day basis. And if you do it, say “bye-bye” to the ten pounds.  Rather than saying “I’m going to have more money at the end of the year,” set a goal to save a specific amount from each paycheck. And then stick to it. Be sure that the goals that you set are things that you can evaluate whether you did them on a day to day or week to week basis. Keep your time frames small.

5. Start now planning your rewards.  It’s human nature to do better when we can see the reward. Plan for how you will reward yourself when you meet the goals you have set. Make sure your family and friends know about the reward and encourage you towards it. That way everyone can celebrate when you’ve reached your goal.

We hope that 2018 brings success in accomplishing the dreams of your heart. If you need professional help from a licensed doctor online, you can use services such as Medhelp,Mdlive or Doctor Spring – Ask a doctor online.

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